Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing, also known as content marketing is the way forward. Instead of traditional marketing practices, which interrupt a potential customer with your message, inbound marketing creates content which your potential customers find for themselves because they are already interested.

Here’s a simple example using Dexter’s Dog walking Service (DDWS)

Star Fourteen inbound marketing example

Traditional marketing method:

DDWS pays £2000 to design, produce and distribute a flyer to the whole town of Biggleton. Great promotion of DDWS but how many people could benefit from their services? Out of the 1000 residents, 260 people own a dog, but out of this group only 95 people would consider paying for a dog walking service. This drops to just 40 people who could actually afford the service.

So, for each potential lead you’ve paid £50 and in the process produced just another piece of recycling for everyone else targeted. But you don’t have any leads to follow up, you don’t know the 40 people who are interested in your service, and you have no way to identify them.

Inbound marketing method:

DDWS spends £2000 creating a series of  interesting articles and tips which appeal to dog owners in Biggleton and beyond. The content is relevant and useful for dog lovers, and as such, dog lovers themselves search out the content and begin an interaction with DDWS.

The content is hosted primarily in the form of a blog on DDWS’ website and shared via social media. All channels link back to their website. This showcases DDWS’ services, testimonials from happy customers, and FAQs. Potential customers can then be invited to sign up for newsletters/competitions/promotions which will help turn them into potential leads for dog walking services from a brand they now feel they know and trust. DDWS now has access to leads which they can offer their services to directly. Online analytics allow campaigns to be measured allowing DDWS to understand what really excited dog lovers, enabling them to tailor their future content.

The £2000 investment in inbound content marketing will give far greater returns for DDWS. The content will improve search engine results and continue to drive potential customers to their website long after the flyers have been turned into loo roll.

Whatever type of business you have we can create a relevant and engaging inbound marketing campaign for you.

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